Answers to questions about photovoltaic energy!


Question : Is it interesting to place solar cells on my roof?

Certainly! You are then producing your own environment-friendly electricity. And thanks to local subsidies, it can even be financially interesting!

There is however an important remark. With a small financial investment, you can already achieve great energy savings. Observe the following order!

  1. Save energy!
    Using your common sense can do miracles, and often for free. For example, turn the light off in a room where there is nobody. Do not put your television, radio,... on stand-by the whole night. Etc...
  2. Use energy-saving apparatus.
    E.g. lamps, fridge, freezer, ... They may cost a little bit more, but because they consume less, it does not take long to make profit.
  3. Isolate!
    Is your house sufficiently isolated? Do you have double glazing?
  4. Consider an environment-friendly electricity supplier.
    Several different energy suppliers generate (a part of) their electricity on an environment-friendly way. Sometimes, they are even cheaper than other suppliers.
  5. Place a solar water heater.
    It warms (a part of) your water by the sun. For the same financial investment as photovoltaic solar panels, you can gain more by installing a solar water heater.
  6. Photovoltaic solar cells.
    If steps 1 to 5 are realised, it is time to start thinking at step 6: your own photovoltaic solar plant!
Anwser: yes, but first save energy on other ways!